Over the Christmas period, there were a few comments on how Dorty looks like me. Never one to pass up an opportunity to rub it in, I said, “Aren’t you lucky? You’ll look just like me when you’re older”.

I caught her horrified glance at my bottom. And laughed. A lot.


Clocks…. with an L

Well, Happy New Year to all!  I had an exciting time this year, so exciting I recorded what I was doing at midnight for posterity.  So… here’s some before and after photos.  What a swell time I had.

Smoke and Rain

I wanted Christmas Day to be as comfortable as possible for everyone so I decided to make the smokers smoke outside this year (pub rules y’know).  But it was raining.  What to do?  So, there was me on Christmas morning, pawing through my ‘shed’ (spider-ridden cubby-hole), raincoat over my head, in search of my large garden umbrella.  I must say, it worked rather well and looked rather posh.  Everyone was glad to stay dry and my house stayed smelling of Christmas, rather than an old ashtray.  Unfortunately, in putting it down later, I hadn’t realised just how much rain those umbrellas hold, and where my neck would be.

Rubbing Shoulders

Went for a meal at Xian’s in the High Street last night (fab food, slow drinks!) with all the lovely autie mums, and Gary Rhodes was sitting at the next table.  A recommendation indeed.

Shopping hell

Just had a rotten nights sleep.  I forgot to remove my nicotine patch and they give me really vivid nightmares.  Horrible horrible nightmares.  Involving shopping with the soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Do NOT free Willy

A word please.  I like to have friends.  Indeed I have lots.  Even some I don’t know.  But.  If you want to be displayed on any of my sites as my friend (kudos for your good taste!) please be aware that I do check your own site before agreeing.  Anyone who posts pics of their willies is not worthy.  That is all.

Oh, Good Eyes


Eyes.  What a lot of words rhyme with eyes.  I could be a poet and not even know it.  Went to see if I am able to have laser treatment because I am so goddamn blind.  Yippee, I can!  Or would if I could afford it (have spent all my money on the kitchen).  Perhaps I should set up a charity.  ‘Help Angela (Go Swimming Without Her Contact Lenses Floating Away)’ or some such catchy money-grabbing title.  I went to the most reputable (and most expensive) clinic, who assured me that I won’t end up looking like my worst nightmare…..