Monthly Archives: August 2010

Style and Panache

Blimey, haven’t been here for ages… but hey, it’s not as if anyone actually reads this!

Anyway, the now-divorced ex-husband is getting married! He has met a woman who is willing to take him on. Apparently she is very nice…. BUT she has exactly the same name as Dorty*… EXACTLY. And it’s not a common spelling. I have been told by him that Prospective Wife No 2 did very well out of her divorce settlement and kept her five bedroom house, blah blah. Well, that makes me feel GREAT for splitting everything with the jammy git so fairly.

At least some things don’t change – he still knows how to treat a lady. A wedding booked for 9/11 and a wedding night at the local Travelodge. Class.

*obviously not her real name