Death by Bee

I’ve always liked bees. They make honey and if they sting you they die. So obviously it’s not something they set out to do. However…

Faced with a swarm in my back garden I took the only option out – I fled shrieking into the house and slammed all the windows shut, peering round the blinds in abject terror, replaying a thousand horror films in my head.

They have now taken up residence on the Green outside my house – yes, that’s RIGHT outside my house – forming a kind of living carpet of bees.

And I had to shout at some of the local kids for poking them with a stick. Honestly, they don’t care about my life at all!


2 responses to “Death by Bee

  1. There’s no shaming in running, ma’am, it often the wisest course of action. I have run from bees on many occasions in the jungle. Best thing to do if you don’t have the hide of a rhino.

  2. I give the bees around my estate a taste of their own medicine, by stinging them with a very pointed stick.”How do you like that, you stripey swine?” I cry as I carry out my sweet, sweet revenge.It turns out they do not care for it one little bit.

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