Monthly Archives: November 2007


Had a lovely meal out last night at the new Mexican place in the High Street for Paula’s actual 40th birthday.  The waiters brought out a cake an’ bells an’ guitar an’ everything.  And the Amaretto cocktail I had was just delish.  I couldn’t eat all my fa-thingies though, so I wrapped the last one up and brought it home for my lunch – stingy bag that I am.


As we’re having a bit of a sheep fixation here at the moment, me and Dorty watched Black Sheep.  After Shaun of the Dead, it’s one of the best corror homedies I’ve ever seen.  I’m dreading my next visit to my Dad – he’s surrounded by the daft yet creepy beasts.  Sheep phobia, here we come.


I spoke too soon.  Ended up estranged from my mates and had to get the train home (where I got touched up by some swarthy perv).  Next time I will make sure the exact coordinates between mates and toilet, and map it out before I go.  And make sure that I put the time on my watch back.   As Paula says, she’s gonna tie me to her (bring it on baby).  I tell you, I was ‘this’ close to becoming a London bum, wandering the streets with no shoes.  And what fabulous shoes they are too.

Drag Queens

It’s all very exciting!  Just getting ready for a night at Madam Jojo’s in Soho, organised as a 40th birthday do for my fab matey Paulaaaa.  As it is renowned for being THE place for transvestites, this poses problems as to what to wear.  I would really like to go down the burlesque route, but so don’t want to look like a she-he.  Half my wardrobe is on my bed and I really must make a decision very soon.  Grrr.
One huge plus point is that we are going by limo (bacardi’s all round – yay) so no getting the scabby night bus home.  Oh, happy days.

Dogs Dinner

Another Saturday night bites the dust – in Debbie’s case, literally.
We were all organised for a paaartay at Tiger Tiger in Croydon – Debs even bought a little black dress – when disaster struck at her place.  Steve the Neighbour’s dopey dog Zelda knocked poor Debs backwards over a wall, leaving her skinny little ankles waving about in the air.  She’s got a nasty bump and cut on her head, a split lip, and a grazed back, poor thingy.  Apparently, she just lay there seeing stars while Zelda (stupid mutt) tried to lick her better.
Then it got REALLY silly.  Another neighbour came out and started on about the dog being a menace and how it attacked Debbie.  Steve’s relatives appeared and a big row ensued.  One of the rellies apparently head-butted the neighbour.  The police were called.  The rellie was arrested.  The ambulance arrived.  And picked Debbie up off the pavement.  Who’s probably got a concussion.  And she’s got to make a statement to the police.  Gawd.
So, basically, our dancing has been cancelled.