Monthly Archives: October 2007


Hands up who hates lofts?  I simply can’t go up there without sneaking my hand up and quickly flicking the light on.  And even then I’m a scaredy pants.  Unfortunately I was forced to go up there today to investigate why there was water peeing out of my overflow.  After inspecting all the dark corners very carefully, I ventured into the loft proper.  Only to discover the cold water in my tank is now hot.  Well, I suppose it is Halloween.  Thankfully, the water is still draining down the sink in a clockwise motion, Damien hasn’t appeared, and we don’t live in a hotel with Jack Nicholson.  Otherwise we would be in deep doo-doo.  But there’s still no way in hell I’m going back up there.
Mr British Gas Man, after you….

The Bride of Deborah

My bessie mate Debs is in lurve.  They’re talking about getting married, having babies and generally living happily ever after.  Bloody good for her.  And, as I am so fantastically organised(!) and totally snazzy, I have been pressed into the role of The Wedding Planner.  At least I’ve got the bottom for it.
Update:  A month Later:  The weddings off (she dumped him).

Ang of the Dead

Have spent the weekend indulging my murderous tendencies.  It involved a watering can and lots of weedkiller.  Watching the plants shrivel up and die is such fun.  What’s not fun is the nightmares I’ve had about miniature ‘triffids’ paying me back in my sleep.

Uptown Girls

Went ‘uptown’ on Saturday with Debs and Kimmy – y’know, one of those spur-of-the-moment things.  Ended up in Leicester Square.   Drank (a lot).  Danced (a lot).  Marvelled at the amount of Eastern Europeans and gay men.
Got the night bus home, which involved a young ‘man’ losing the plot over a lost phone and head-butting the door repeatedly.  The bus driver then went on strike and refused to move until said young phone-less twat evicted the bus.  Cue passengers calming down the twat.  He did eventually leave.
Further down the road, it became apparent that his head had broken the door, at which point the bus driver lost the plot and started ranting, “f*ck this for a game of soldiers, f*ck the insurance, I don’t care if you all fall out” etc etc.  Cue passengers calming down the bus driver.  We did eventually get home.