Monthly Archives: September 2007


Whilst renovating the kitchen, I decided to rip up the disgusting green-flowered carpet.  And guess what I discovered underneath?  Identical green-flowered tiles.  Mmmm, nice.

Tip of the Day

Let’s just say you get a call from a number you don’t recognise.  Don’t jump to conclusions and think it’s a call you’ve been eagerly waiting for.  And definitely don’t start inappropriately murmuring until you are ABSOLUTELY sure that it’s not one of the leaders from your daughter’s Church group.

Sweet Sixteen

Just got back from collecting Dorty and her mates from yet another party.  It’s a sad life when your sixteen year old has a better social life than you.  Although I probably deserve the ‘sad’ label considering I was wearing my pyjamas.

Desperately Seeking…

Wanted:  Male servant.  Must be proficient in unblocking toilets, de-clogging shower wastes, fitting fences, painting concrete walls, cutting grass, digging, sweeping, washing, ironing, hoovering, tidying, cooking, etc etc.  Surplus energy can always be put to good use.  Like walking the dog (what did you think I meant?).  Although clothes are optional.

Nothing’s Sacred

Read that sad, desperate woman’s article on the back page of the You magazine that comes with The Mail on Sunday.  Bloody cheek – she’s nicked my STBEH abbreviation.  Remember, you read it here first.