Drunk in Church

Michelle & Richard’s wedding yesterday was lovely.  I was called up during the speeches and given some flowers for altering a bridesmaid dress at the last minute.  When Richard mentioned my name, I was looking around for another woman thinking, “oooh, who’s got the same name as me?”  I feel a bit guilty because I kinda classed the alteration as my wedding present to them, and then they gave me a big bouquet.  Does this mean I have to buy them a pressie now?
And Debbie is a disgrace.  She was up extremely late the previous night, drinking heavily, and turned up at her sisters wedding looking, shall we say, rather worse for wear.  She was singing all the hymns out of sync (which got me and Deeny giggling until a stern looking ‘Church-y’ bloke kept giving us the evil eye) and I overheard her conversation with the Vicar on the way out.  This is how it went:
Debbie:  Hello Vics, I am an atheist but that was a lovely service
Vicar (cheerfully):  There’s a spirit in you somewhere
Debbie (surprised):  Can you smell it?
You can’t take her anywhere.



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