M25 Muppets

It seems that there are certain people at the Highway Dept – y’know, the ones in charge of the motorway signs – who are really really really bored at work.  I had to travel on the M25 between Junction 12 and Junction 4 today, and someone is definitely playing silly buggers.  First, a sign is lit saying 40 mph limit, then half a mile later, another says ‘end’.  A mile later, another sign says ’60’, then another saying ‘end’.  Then, another sign saying ’40’, then ‘end’ again.  Repeat about another five times.  Of course, there was no hint whatsoever of any actual reason for these speed limits.  All it does it cause havoc as everyone slams on their brakes to adher to the limit (after building up a bit of speed after the last ‘end’ sign).  Then, of course, everyone gets used to driving in lanes, rather than to motorway ‘rules’, so it ends up with a kind of reverse driving system, with everyone undertaking each other, so the ‘slow’ lane has become the ‘fast’ lane.  Absolute chaos – and very dangerous.  I suppose some little twat operating the signs is having a laugh – yeah, very funny.  The Muppets would do a better job.

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