Gits v Arnie

Why are some men such untrustworthy gits?  This question was harshly reinforced today by the patter of a double glazing salesman that came round.   He gave me all the petter about not starting off at a ‘silly’ price then knocking money off, then proceeded to do just that.  I swear that sometimes I have got a big sign saying ‘STUPID MUG’ on my head.  What these alpha dog type men don’t realise, is that I know exactly what they are doing, but I’m just not letting them know that I know (and, anyway, from my perspective the sign reads GUM DIPUTS which totally negates the power, in my view).  I’m mostly always polite, friendly and honest, but this can be seen as a sign of weakness to be taken advantage of.  But, I tell you, I can be steel when pushed hard enough.  Needless to say, said salesman went away without a sale, although he has rang me a total of four times in the last seven hours, each call more desperate than the last and, of course, offering me more money off each time.  I obviously confused him.  Poor submissive weak little woman resisting the steamrollering of the ruffy tuffy DGS (not to mention dashing his obvious high hopes of the commission).  Women like me don’t need to parade our strength.  It’s hidden under our skin, rather like the Terminator.

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