Probably the first of many – rants, that is.
Today, on an unexpected day off, I have been trying (that’s trrrryyiing) to change my phone number and broadband over to my new address.  First I phoned Onetel.  Twenty five minutes later, some foreign bloke tells me it will cost me £108 as there’s not a working line there.  Gave up in the end and phoned BT (who apparently will re-connect a dis-connected line for free).  Two hours, and many different departments, later (and every single dratted time I got shifted to the back of the ‘queue’ – and no, woman at BT, you may be busy but I don’t accept your sodding apology) I spoke to yet another man with an accent, who put me on hold after every sentence.  As he had to fill out a form.  In this day and age of computer systems.  And this is BT we are talking about.  He ‘assured’ me (right) that someone would ring me back within three days.  Three days!  I could be dead by then.

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