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Are We There Yet?

I think I’ve finished packing!  Unbelieveable.  It is possible for one person to pack up a four bedroom house, and I am the proof.  Although I’ve found muscles I never knew I had, and developed bruises in places I never thought possible – I think my poor body thinks I’m trying to kill it.

Sambuca tastes nicer going down

Dan’s birthday ‘do’….
Me, Deb and the cake chipped on over.  Drunk some wine and kissed Dan.  Scoffed some grub.  Watched Dan open his presents.  Andy (damn the man) then produced the Sambuca and, because I have the will-power of a gnat, I joined in the ‘necking it’ game.  Ten minutes later, I sneaked off to be sick in a bush.  Got in at 3am.  Obviously, it was a good night, although I’ve gone off aniseed in a big way.

Dickhead of Dock Green

Spent the afternoon traipsing from the ‘outhouse’ (yeah ok, so we’re pretentious) to the garage with tools, paint and assorted crap.  Stung myself on a nettle – at this point I’d like to thank my Gran & Grandad for teaching me what a dock leaf looks like – then ten minutes later, stung myself again on the SAME nettle.  Nettle was then summarily mashed by my trainer which, in a kind of reverse pagan ritual, involved murdering that nettles spirit.  It also involved lots of whooping and flailing arms.

Lost and Found

More boring house-moving tales…
I’ve lost the packing tape.
But I’ve found my chequebook, which I haven’t seen for a year.
The STBEH ‘helped’ me a bit yesterday by taking some stuff to the dump.  Then he broke the downstairs toilet seat before naffing off up north somewhere.  Thank God for superglue.

The Final Countdown

Blimey.  In about 60 hours I will be out of here.  Vamoosed, gone, bye bye.  Have packed up almost the whole house virtually on my own – that’s 75 boxes, countless black sacks and numerous miscellaneous items.  Have gone through 100 metres of bubblewrap, loads of packing paper and four rolls of tape.  And I STILL haven’t finished.
Plus I dropped a clock on my toe.

Music to my Ears

I’ve just heard the best two words to be uttered this year – “you’ve exchanged”.  My Solicitor phoned whilst me and Dorty were in Spud-u-like.  I will always be reminded of that moment every time I eat a jacket potato with cottage cheese and chives.

Stomach muscles are over-rated anyway

Just in case you have missed them: