The Bad Ol’ Days

Going down The Bridge Bar (aka Langtry’s, Lautrecs or if you’re REALLY old, Tights) has brought back loads of memories.  One of my best mate’s husband used the manage Langtry’s so it was treated as our local.  Never paid to get in, free drinks and loads of dancing – happy days.  There are some particular times that stick out – New Year’s Eve, swapping clothes with Mike the DJ, Debbie falling over in sick, Debbie (again) getting glass in her knee and one of the bouncers offering to get it out with a metal coathanger, me winning a t-shirt for having the boobs to fill it (wow – that was in the Richard Taylor days!) – ah, good times.  I was hoping to see DJ’s Mark Franklyn & Stevie B, and also Jason (fond memories, guys!) when we went down there on Saturday but, bloody typical, they were all off for the night.  Was a pity, especially as the fill-in DJ played such gems as Phil Collins and Dolly Parton (I kid you not).  Sad to say, but we still danced.

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