Exam Chill Pills

To all of you who have exams at the moment, or if you’re a parent of a person who’s taking exams at the moment, you have my deepest sympathy.  And I really mean that.  The Rescue Remedy supplies in this house are rapidly depleting, the bottles of EyeQ are disappearing and the Nurofens have virtually been wiped out – and that’s just Dorty.  I’ve hidden my supplies in my handbag.  And if I have to say ‘just do your best, you know you can do this etc etc’ one more time….  I suppose I will look back fondly at this time one day.  Not.


Phillip Stevens – 04/06/2007 20:29:19
Excellent blogs! Thanks for the read.
Sally-Ann Shields – 14/06/2007 21:06:47
Thanks! Now people of the public think i’m a typical teenage druggy!
Angel Wings – 16/06/2007 20:25:28
Oh no, oh dear.  I’m really sorry, Sal.  I promise I won’t do it again, honest.  p.s. can you please put your alcopop bottles in the recycling?  Thanks awfully.

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