Monthly Archives: May 2007

Pass the Paracetamol

Another evening round Debs.  Was meant to be going out daaancing but ended up staying in, catching up on gossip and generally chilling out.  Was a good night.  Gin and tonics flowed.  Conversation got a bit hazy.  Got rather a tender head this morning.  Hence the short sentences.

Watching too much Top Gear?

I had a dream.  Of James May, wrapped in a tarpaulin, asleep on my sofa.  Why oh why???

Box City

In trying to pack up the house ready for the move, it has become apparent that I’ve got far too much stuff, none of which I want to get rid of.  Downsizing is not easy.  Everytime I think I’ve got it sussed, I walk into a room and see another piece of furniture I’d forgotten, and can’t think where on earth I can put it.  I have visions of my new house looking like one on ‘how clean is your house’, before Kim and Aggie go in, with just a tiny corridor through the mess.  On a positive note, I will be getting a new bed and am looking forward to lying in it.


– 19/05/2007 00:46:25
You are one mad and funny bitch! x

Mit Mit – Advance Notice

Dear Santa
Since my previous wishes of health and happiness for me and my loved ones seem to falling on rather deaf ears, I am changing tack.  I’d like a Zonda Roadster please.  Ta.

Intelligent? Err…

Just got back from Deb’s house, after an evening of drinking, reminiscing and stretching the brain cells.  Have agreed that we are the most intelligent people we know.  Basically an evening of self-congratulation, mutual praise and debate.  I love debating with Deb because she is so passionate about what she is saying, and makes such a good argument, then can switch ‘sides’ like a flash, still equally passionate.  Giggled a lot.  It’s nice to be able to talk in shorthand too, and not explain why that this subject has a bearing on that subject etc, and how past affects the future.  Here’s to us.  Cheers.

On the Move

Yay! Have sold my house.  Knee deep in solicitors, mortgage companies and doubt.  It’s all rather scary.
I’ve found a house I like and can afford.  Three bedrooms, nice big rooms, needs work (hey, lucky I have all those power tools), opposite a green, and in the same road (although further down) from the ‘posh’ houses in Petts Wood – snobby moo that I am.