I Blame Maccy Ds

Thanks to me and Paula’s Mac Attack on the way to the show on Saturday, we just missed getting in, although we have apparently got guaranteed tickets to a live show in the summer.  Didn’t matter anyway as we had a fab time in Covent Garden watching all the entertainment.  Paula phoned a comedy club nearby and reserved us a table.  When we got there, there were only five people in the audience – the compere was waaay embarrassed, and said it had never happened before yada yada yada!  Anyway, Mike the Compere (who seemed to have a bigger head than Jeremy Clarkson), a comedian called Diz and Dave the Birthday Boy ended up taking us to another comedy club which was pretty good – probably the bucket loads of alcohol helped!  I think we missed the last train home (it’s all a bit hazy from this point) so managed to get to Sidcup, where Paula held the bus to Orpington (I don’t do running!), then held another bus at Orpington Station while I went to the loo.  Yay for Paula!  Got back to hers and had cheese on toast (again – seems to be becoming a habit after our nights out).  She said she had a mega hangover the next day but, ha ha, I felt absolutely fine.

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