Monthly Archives: April 2007

Life for Sale

As I am moving etc and need money, I have put what seems like my life on Ebay.  Furniture, clothes, stuff (I tried to sell the mutt but Dorty wasn’t having it) are all going.  Bye bye life.

Easily Pleased

Hands up who loves Sunday afternoons!  The O.C. followed by Ugly Betty, at the exact time I make dinner, so I can watch it in the kitchen.  I am so easily pleased!

Angie No Mates

Got my lovely shiny new phone this morning (a day later than T-Mobile promised) and have been playing with it today between appointments.  It’s a Sony Ericsson K800i and has a fab 3.2 megapixel camera on it.  Trouble is, no-one’s sodding well texting me now, mostly due to lack of mates.

The Waiting Game

Well, it’s turning out to be a weird month.  Soul-searching (nope, still haven’t found it), whilst trying to give the kids the attention they need.  I suppose no-one ever said life was easy.  I just wish I could fast-forward the next six or so months – being in limbo is really quite exhausting.  I’d rather be in my new house, decorating busily.  One thing that has cheered me up this week is the ordering of my new phone – I so rarely buy myself anything, (well, anything over £30) that I’m really excited.  As will my dear friends be when they receive all the interesting picture messages I’m planning on sending.
Out with some galpals on Friday for a meal at Xian’s, and away for ‘adventure weekend’ the following weekend with Sonny.  Exhausted just thinking about it.

Gone to the Dogs

Why are dog-owners so irresponsible?  I keep Sasha on a lead because she is unpredictable and evil, yet others are quite happy to let their dogs roam around the parks completely unsupervised.  I say all this because I am sporting a large cut on the back of my leg after a minor skirmish with a Staff crossbreed – we had a bit of a fight and I lost.  The poxy dog then decided to grab some teenagers Jack Russell round the neck and throw it about.  No owner of the devil dog in sight, despite marching round and asking everyone I could see.  That’s the last time I go the park in a skirt and flip-flops.  From now on it will be thick trousers and steel-capped boots.

Great Expectations

Am pondering whether my expectations are rather too high – I’m not saying I know what I want BUT…  Maybe someone will surprise me one day, and I may just surprise myself too.  All very deep.  Self-analysis sucks.

Naked Dumbledore

Me and Dorty laughed til we cried at Potter Puppet Pals – the Mysterious Ticking Noise – on Youtube.  Resorted to kitchen roll.