After hearing how people seem to be going to the gym a lot, have decided to get a bit fitter and lose some weight in order to look fabulous in a bikini.  Have dug my weight-watchers books out and wrote my shopping list.  Went on my Thigh Trainer, struggled to get to 100, then collapsed and pondered how the hell I got into this mess.  I don’t want much – to look like Greta Scaachi would be acceptable, especially as I have been compared with her in the past (well, ok, fairly distant past) although taking into account that she is nearly ten years older than me.  I have also been told I look like Jane Torville (maybe not so happy with that one) and one ‘friend’ even said I looked like Angela Lansbury (hopefully she meant a very young Angela Lansbury, not the Murder She Wrote version).
Or I could do the bikini body diet.  Y’know, just put a bikini on my body.

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