Have just fought my way home from the shops through a blizzard.  Yep, it’s March, British Summertime officially starts this weekend, I’ve been mincing about in my open-toed sandals because of the bee-ootiful weather we’ve had over the last two weekends, and now it’s snowing.  At least I wasn’t the only one caught unawares – one bloke I passed was wearing shorts and had legs a particularly nice shade of blue.
Been to Netto’s, and also to Sainsbury’s as well (bloody kids and their diets!).  All in all, spent £65  – my cupboards are full, and I’ve got a warm glow of security knowing that we can survive in the event of a catastophe for, oh, about a week, before we have to resort to eating the dog (or each other).
Sally-Ann Shields – 19/03/2007 21:24:10
I am not going to eat our dog!
Angel Wings – 07/05/2007 20:07:54
Sal, I keep telling you.  A dog is not just for Christmas.  If you’re careful, you can eke out the left-overs till New Year!

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